Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lola Nidora's, Tinidora's and Tidora's Aunt Bebeng Arrival

Lola Nidora, Tinidora and Tidora Aunt Bebeng
Lola Nidora, Tinidora and Tidora Aunt Bebeng

The Philippine number one noontime show Eat Bulaga, Kalye Serye featuring Maine Mendoza as Yaya Dub, Alden Richards, Wally Bayola as the following characters Lola Nidora, DuhRizz, Rhianna, Jose Manalo as Lola Tinidora, and Frankie Arinoli, and Paolo Ballesteros as Lola Tidora and Isadora.

Yesterday's episode of Kalye Serye, featuring ALDUB, Aunt Bebeng finally arrived to visit the De Explorer sisters headed by the eldest Lola Nidora.  "Tiya Bebeng" is played by veteran actress Ms. Gloria Romero a wonderful addition to the Kalye Serye cast.

Aunt Bebeng is stricter than Lola Nidora, conservative behavior should be followed from clothing, gesture, courtship and many other traditional values.

Alden was scrutinized when Aunt Bebeng learned that he is courting Yaya Dub, he was asked about his work, his intentions to marry Yaya Dub, he able provide for Yaya Dub and is he willing to wait for years courting Yaya Dub.

To Yaya Dub, she was asked by Aunt Bebeng if she's in love with Alden and she was momentarily frozen then blushed.

Aunt Bebeng visits reveals more about ALDUB's feeling for each other and her presence provide a different class to the show, given much time Ms. Gloria Romero will blend to the rest of the cast.

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