Monday, November 23, 2015

Maine Mendoza, mobbed by fans in the concert of Sam Smith

Maine Mendoza on Sam Smith Concert
Maine Mendoza on Sam Smith Concert

Maine Mendoza, was mobbed by her fans after she watched British singer Sam Smith concert during the weekend, the Kalye Serye star can't get over with the concert and also something that happens in Kalye Serye's Saturday episode.

Maine tweeted this after watching Sam Smith concert "Sam Smith was the bomb!!!!! Suuuuuper amazing I cannot even I swear I cried as in AHH-maaaazing, thank you, @samsmithworld!!! #SamSmithMNL"

The other thing that Maine Mendoza can't get over with is, when Alden Richards fell to the ground while carrying her during last Saturday episode of Kalye Serye, she even made a Twitter poll about it "Where can I get more intolerable over?" the choices are Sam Smith Concert or Alden's falls to the ground.  91 percent answers Alden's fall.

Meanwhile, Alden's explanations about the fail piggy back ride is that "It's a sign that Alden is starting to fell in love"

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