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10 Famous Actors Who Started Out In Adult Film

10 Famous Actors Who Started Out In Adult Film
10 Famous Actors Who Started Out In Adult Film

Ten actors who started out In adult film.

10. Cameron Diaz 19-year-old Diaz play ‘naked girl’ in a naughty photoshoot & video, ‘She’s no Angel’. She had the photographer jailed when he blackmailed her with the video - but it ended up online anyway.

9. Matt LeBlanc Before joining ‘Friends’ he starred in the erotic series, ‘Red Shoe Diaries’.  In one episode LeBlanc seduces a secretary, then later has intercourse with her in an elevator.

8. Marilyn Monroe In 1949 Monroe did a bare photo shoot for just $50. 4 years later it appeared in the centerfold of ‘Playboy’ titled ‘Golden Dreams’, which helped both her & ‘Playboy’ become icons.

7. Sasha Grey This former adult film star became a serious actor with her movie debut in ‘The Girlfriend Experience’. Sasha went from ‘Finger Licking Good’, to HBO’s ‘Entourage’ & acting alongside Elijah Wood.

6. David Duchovny ‘X Files’ Mulder starred in the soft-core TV show, ‘Red Shoe Diaries’, playing a man who loved intercourse stories. Ironically, in 2008 Duchovny checked himself into rehab for sex addiction.

5. Jon Hamm Mad Men’s Jon Hamm dressed porn sets before he played Don Draper.  For $200 a day Hamm worked in ‘Skinemax’ – he now earns $250,000 per ‘Mad Men’ episode.

4. Sylvester Stallone As a struggling 24-year-old, he starred in the skin flick ‘The Party at Kitty & Stud’s’. Stallone was living in a bus shelter when he accepted the role as S&M-loving Stud for $200.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger Before Terminator, Arnie was a model for a gay magazine.  In the 1977 issue of ‘After Dark’, he posed bare for the future ‘Muscle Bound for Glory’.  Arnie claimed it was for ‘Art’.

2. Jackie Chan In 1975 he starred in Hong Kong porno ‘All in the Family’ as a rickshaw driver who has an affair with a married woman.  It’s a Chan’s only film without a fight sequence.

1. Helen Mirren Mirren plays a Roman empress & naughty courtesan in the adult film epic, ‘Caligula’. The film was deemed so graphic & incestuous that it was banned in Canada & Iceland.

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