Monday, December 28, 2015

Jenny Ferre, ALDUB Creator interview with BBC News Asia

Jenny Ferre, ALDUB Creator interview with BBC News Asia

Manila, Philippines, Eat Bulaga program creative Ms. Jenny Ferre admitted during her interview with BBC Asia Mr. Rico Hizon that Eat Bulaga was facing a little problem in the past five years, the television show needs to attract younger generation viewers which uses social media as part of their daily life and how to harness the power of these social media portals and go digital.

They've tried things during those five years and finally they got it, they hit the jackpot, they introduced Yaya Dub as Lola Nidora's nanny these little experiments produce the winning formula for the ALDUB phenomenal success.

ALDUB's real emotions which trigger these tremendous success.  She was asked what if the two stars become a real couple?  She replied saying "Maybe their relational conflict as a couple may affect their work".

She assured the fans and viewers that what happen to ALDUB personal life will be their story not hers.

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