Thursday, December 3, 2015

Juan for All, All for Juan - A Coffin Story

Wally Bayola pretend to be in a coffin
Wally Bayola pretend to be in a coffin

Manila, Philippines, In today's classic Eat Bulaga Juan for All, All for Juan "Sugod Bahay" Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and Paolo Ballesteros they are in Barangay San Vicente, Santo Tomas, Pampanga, and they visited the house of the winner  and interview him, Jose asked the winner, what he does for a living, the winner told them that he works as an assistant coffin maker.

Wally Bayola easily scared, momentarily creep out and walks away upon hearing it, Jose told him that it is just his work.  Curious they ask the winner several questions about his work like how many coffins they make in one day, different sizes and fittings, the most elegant coffin that they made, does he experience unnatural things while doing his job, is there an advanced coffin order, how much is the cheapest coffin.  This is the first time that they interviewed a coffin maker and that's why they have many questions for the winner.

Joey De Leon asks Jose, Wally and Paolo if they experienced lay in a coffin, Jose does have an experience while filming a movie and so Joey also in a movie.  They have these feelings of energy after laying in a coffin for several minutes or hours.

The hilarious things happen when Wally finds a coffin cover in the winner's house and they are pretending a funeral wake in the house, the spontaneity of these three makes this episode an epic funny.

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