Friday, December 18, 2015

Kinoshita Yuka eats 100 slices of bread

Kinoshita Yuka eats 100 slices of bread
Kinoshita Yuka eats 100 slices of bread

Somewhere in Japan, Competitive eater Kinoshita Yuka challenges herself to consume 100 slices of bread (Texas toast sized) each bag of bread contains ten pieces and weighing 389 grams the total weight of one hundred pieces is 3.8KG.

Ms. Yuka is not satisfied eating it plain, she toasted it, put mayonnaise, honey, jam, butter and she also put on toppings for extra flavor.

Half way to the challenge she jaw got tired of chewing those bread, the spreads helped her forgot about her tiring jaw.

The whole challenge lasted just under six minutes.  The challenge, Kinoshita says in the video, was not an easy one: “Halfway through my jaw got so tired I believed this was a tough challenge, but I felt like I had to finish what I started and well it was pretty tasty as well.”


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