Saturday, December 12, 2015

Raining Spiders: Strangest Weather on Earth

Spiders in the sky
Spiders in the sky

Santo Antonio da Platina, Brazil, In February 2013, A man videotaped multitudes of spiders floating on air, while he's walking from a friend's house, to him it seems like spiders are raining or falling from the sky.

Also a woman from Dallas, Texas, USA named Kelli Coffee has the same spider weather experienced on the street, she said "There are spider webs on the street lights, they are hanging off trees with a length of 12ft to 14ft long."  Sticky spider web is found all over North Texas, they are stacked to lamp post, cars and everything else that they touched.

This phenomenon is called spider ballooning, a spider will climb as high as they can then point their back upwards, then releasing their web into the air, these will act as a parachute carrying the spiders away as far as the wind will carry them to find other habitats.

Also the spider may use the Earth's static electric field to carry them away during a windless conditions.  The spider's web is with static electrical charged that's conduct with the Earth's static electric field in the atmosphere.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by Your Discovery Science

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