Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A student dies after falling from a condo building's rooftop while taking selfies

A student dies after falling from the building's rooftop while doing selfie
A student dies after falling from the building's rooftop while taking selfie

Manila, Philippines, A student dies on the spot after she fell from a condominium building in Manila, the student identified as Christina Marie Pagalilauan, 19-year-old a mass communication student of Adamson University.

The victim together with her classmate Jonea Mildred Ani were on top of Dahlia Tower, Suntrust Parkview Condominium on Natividad street in Ermita, Manila.

Pagalilauan, according to Ani, was not satisfied with the photos they had taken so she decided to climb up the parapet wall,” According to homicide investigator officer Layugan.

Ani said he did not see Pagalilauan fall because she was then busy scanning the photos they had just taken.

“All [Ani] remembered was telling her classmate not to climb the wall,” Officer Layugan said.

Officer Layugan said the students took selfies at a safer spot on the deck, but Pagalilauan allegedly asked Ani to move to the parapet wall so they could capture the view and images from below the deck.

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