Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Caught on CCTV: Russian Doctor kills a patient with one punch

Russian Doctor kills a patient with one punch

Belgorod, Russia, A criminal case has been filed to Dr. Ilya Zelendinov after a CCTV surveillance video surfaced showing Dr. Zelendinov punching 56-year-old patient Yevgeniy Bakhtin and brutally beating his friend.

According to medical reports Mr. Bakhtin was pronounced dead due to "Trauma to the skull and brain from hitting the back of the head on the hard surface of the floor."  Bakhtin appeared to be knockout before the floor came up to meet the back of his skull.

A few minutes after the doctor's assault stopped, nurses and hospital personnel become aware of Mr. Bakhtin's motionless body and Dr. Zelendinov and a nurse tried to resuscitate Mr. Bakhtin, but failed to revive him.

Reports claim Bakhtin had “kicked a nurse during a procedure” who turned out to be Zelendinov’s sister.  Dr. Zelendinov was fired from his job in the hospital as a surgeon, but remains free after he agreed and signed a paper stating that he will not leave or travel during the investigation and Dr. Zelendinov, now dubbed as "The boxer doctor."

This video was uploaded to YouTube by Bahtiyor Tashpulatov

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