Friday, January 22, 2016


Dog on a skate board epic win!
Dog on a skate board epic win!

This video contains a collection of last year's epic wins and weird wins compiled by FailArmy are you voting for the epic or the weird?

Cat Goes on Sled, Gorilla Food Catch, Beer Me, Dog Skates, Frisbee Throw and Catch on a Jet Ski, Light Bulb, Motorcycle Stoppie in Front of Topless Biker Girls, Soccer Team Completes Header Challenge, Kayaker Does Front Flip Loop, Crazy skateboard bottle trick, Golfer Hits Ball Off Friend's Balls, Alabama Beer Toss, Little Kid Scores Goal, Golf Trick Shot, Boss Dock, Lacrosse Bro Shows off Trickshots, Guy Preps Own Field Goal, Dog smiles for camera, Skateboard to Skateboard Jump Trick, College Student Does Gainer off Roof into Pool.

And Family of 5 on Motor Bike, Front Flip, Front Flip, Breakdancer Demonstrates Extreme Flexibility, Futuristic Yoga, Dance Dance Revolution Guy, Guiness Records Charleston Dance, Dog scratches butt, Swim cap toss, Baby Basketball trick, Baseball Shot, Raccoon Steals Donut, Bike Powered Ramp Launch, 505 lbs Deadlift with Backflips, Grandma Plays Cornhole.

We salute you!

This video was uploaded to YouTube by FailArmy

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