Thursday, January 21, 2016

Naglabas ng nakakadiring bagay ang bulateng ito sa palad ng isang mangingisda

Proboscis worm spitting slime
Proboscis worm spitting slime
A Fisherman claims to have caught this strange worm off the coast of Thailand,  but like something this gross be real?  Well, this creepy little guy is called proboscis worm it has the structure the proboscis which it ejects either to entrap and prey or in the case of this video to perhaps deter some predator.

It's probably feeling threatened so in the act of defense spit the thing out, and then the proboscis withdraws back the slime thing back inside, why and where the proboscis pulled back again? When this worm is outside of the water that mucus feel sticky, and the worm will get stuck in his hand.

The proboscis breaks off, and this may sound lethal, but actually, these worms can regenerate their proboscis, and they can go without food for a long time while they wait for it to renew, you may think that it looks gross, but it illustrates the beauty of the worm.

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