Monday, January 11, 2016

Unbelievable Shark Balancing

Shark Balancing
Shark Balancing

Grand Bahamas, Caribbean reef sharks got millions of internet viewers buzzing, when the diver appears to put the shark to sleep and that does something even more bizarre, she's balancing the shark on its nose.

How could anyone do that? The best person to tell us whether this is true or not is Scuba pro Christina Zenato, she is the person who did the shark balancing in this video and she guaranteed it is 100 real.  

So, how does Christina get the shark balance on its nose? Christina is stroking the shark nose and its picking up on the electrical charges from her chain glove, interacting with the water, it sends the shark into the hypnotic state, scientists call it tonic immobility, where it seems to be kinda been relaxing too much so that she can take it off the balance it on one hand.

In other animals tonic immobility is a last resort, it's a way of playing dead when they're being hunted, but in sharks because their top predators no one's really sure why they do this.

Also Christina is manipulating the shark's sensory perception, the sharks got these very, very fine pores in the nose, which enabled them to sense electrical signals from other animals around them or electroperception.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by Science Channel

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