Saturday, February 6, 2016

Alden Richards Does Story Telling to Less Fortunate Children

Alden Richards Does Story Telling to less fortune children
Alden Richards Does Story Telling to less fortunate children

Manila, Philippines, Alden Richards the hottest male actor in show business today has a soft heart for people in need, especially the less fortune children, during his birthday early last month, he takes time from his very busy schedule to be with the children in Payatas, Quezon City an area in the metro where many families are living under poor condition.

These children at risk of poverty and abuse was given a treat to be with Alden Richards where he reads to them a story that would encourage, entertain and give hope to these precious little ones.

Many in the entertainment industry regard Alden Richards as a good man and had a heart to his fans and values all kinds people, and always expressing his gratitude towards God and people.

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