Wednesday, February 17, 2016

AUV and Motorcycle Accident in Baguio Flyover CAPTURED on Car's Camera

AUV and Motorcycle Accident in Baguio Flyover
Baguio City, Philippines, In Marcos highway flyover an accident occur between a Mitsubishi Adventure who overtook on a double yellow lane killing a man riding on a motorcycle.  This incident was captured on video via car's camera recording its way forward.

The passengers of the car who caught the incident on video was happily travelling, when a Mitsubishi Adventure overtakes them, they were on the curve road and the driver of the Mitsubishi Adventure didn't see the coming motorcycle.

It was a blind spot and double yellow lane road paint indicates that there should be no overtaking, it is clear that the AUV is at fault in this terrible accident and the driver of the motorcycle suffered a major injuries, but manage to survive.

Source: YouTube by News Wolf

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