Friday, February 19, 2016

Grandma's Big Problem

JUan for all - Grandma's Big Problem
Grandma's Big Problem

Manila, Philippines, In today's classic Eat Bulaga Juan for All, All for Juan "Sugod Bahay" Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and Paolo Ballesteros, they're in Barangay 84, Zone 92, Pandacan, Manila,
Together with the studio hosts Tito, Vic, Joey and Allan K.

In this sub-segment of Juan for all, called problem solving, selected member of the barangay will have a chance to tell their problem to Eat Bulaga hosts, which in return the hosts will give their funny thoughts and advice.

An old woman is now asking for help regarding her lost "sugod bahay" registration form, she admitted that at her old age, she's beginning to be forgetful of things.  A very difficult scenario for the problem solvers, first they ask her to think backwards all the activity that she did before losing the registration form.

But, another thing that pops-up on the old woman's mind, she remembers that her bottom dental denture is also missing, Bossing Vic concluded that her registration form is under the dental denture.    
Source: YouTube by GMA Network

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