Saturday, February 27, 2016

Instant Justice and Instant Karma

Instant Jusice and Instant Karma
Instant Jusice and Instant Karma
In this video from Live leak YouTube channel is a collection of instant karma, the bad things that they're doing instantly backfired on them, shall we call it instant justice.

Two women are fighting, each one is holding a stick, one woman is ready to attack, while the other is in a defensive posture, the attacker raised her stick and was about to strike, but her weapon hit the lighting fixture above her and the thing fell on her head.

Cold and snowy night, a crook dressed on a Santa's custom grab the woman's purse and started to run, but the slippery pavement prevented him from going nowhere this bad Santa receives purse beating from the woman.

A man who is avoiding a security turnstile, lift himself up and jump over it, but his feet tripped on the arm of the turnstile sending him head first on the hard floor.

At the indoor soccer game, the goalkeeper throws the ball at the back of his opponent's head, the ball bounced back hard inside the goal that he's guarding, instant score to another team, that was an easy play.

A security camera captures an intense robbery incident, a couple in their apartment gate was held by armed robbers who came out of a car and lead them inside the house, after a few seconds, these dangerous robbers are running away, the reason? A man, probably a neighbor of the victims is running after the robber holding his gun and fired at the runaway car.  Instant protection and justice.

Source: YouTube by LiveLeakChannel

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