Thursday, March 17, 2016

Try not to laugh video challenge

Man cries in pain after failed dart exhibition
Man cries in pain after failed dart exhibition
Funny Army YouTube Channel compiled a video clip of people and animals doing very funny and laughable things that will surely entertain you.

Four endangered Panda's are playing in a jungle preservation of animals, one of them is on a tree with a single branch, one Panda tries to climb in, but the other Panda shoved him in the head and goes down very rapidly.

A very cute Asian lady with the headset and holding a microphone is about to sing and she's video recording it, the intro music is playing, then she goes singing, but the voice coming out of her is a voice of a man.  So, what's the lesson? Pretty and cute are not just for females.

Enjoy watching this funny video compilation.

Source: YouTube by FunnyArmy

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