Saturday, March 26, 2016

AMAZING: Houdini Octopus

Pacific Octopus escape through boat's tiny hole
Pacific Octopus escape through boat's tiny hole
Ladies and gentlemen the world's greatest escape artist, this animal escape artist is a giant pacific octopus, stranded on a boat with only one escape route a tiny hole on the side of the boat.

How this massive octopus fit through such a tiny hole?  They have something which is very special they have no skeletal at all, not internal, not external, so they are really soft but there's only one hard part on their body and that is the beak, so if the beak fit to any hole the rest of the body will as well.

The octopus has thousands of sensory cells that are able to taste and smell the environment, so once that tentacles hit the water, he's alerted that this is the exit route and he's able to squeeze the entire body through that tiny little hole and make it safely.

Why did the octopus evolved with this incredible ability? They are a pretty good meal for many large predators, the predators don't have all that much work to do because there are no bones, so they have to be very, very good at hiding, they really intelligent they can walk on land and squeeze through tiny spaces.

Source: YouTube by Science Channel

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