Thursday, March 24, 2016

God gave me you - Staring Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza

God gave me you - Final scene
Dani and James Reunited after three years
Manila, Philippines, Eat Bulaga the number one noontime show in the country presents God gave me you, featuring Alden Richards as James, Maine Mendoza as Dani and Jake Ejercity as Matthew.

A Lenten television special presented yearly by Eat Bulaga during holy week, the hosts of the show are given acting roles in different special tv series.

Now, God gave me you, is a story of friendship, family and true love developed as James and Dani lost their friend and lover Matthew in a car accident as he was covering for James scheduled flight.

The hurts of losing Matthew causes James and Dani to spend time together as they are trying to heal their emotional pain.

Matthew's father upon learning from the police that his son is covering for his friend James on route to the airport when the accident happened, still in pain from the early lost of his son, he blames James for what happen to Matthew and James relationship with Dani was affected and they were momentary separated, but reunited after three years.

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