Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Young whale trapped in a fishing net, she has just minutes to live when this man saved her

He thought that this whale is already dead
He thought that this whale is already dead 
At Sea of Cortez - Gulf of California, Michael Fishbach co-director of the Great Whale Conservancy an organization exclusively dedicated to generate awareness, motivating and steering public involvement towards saving whales.

On valentines day in 2011 Michael and his family together with a few of his friends were presented with a rare opportunity a chance to save the life of the humpback whale their efforts were captured on film.

Their group spotted a young humpback whale that appeared to be dead, they floated next to the whale for several minutes and there's no sign of life, but suddenly the whale rose slightly from the water and forcefully exhale.

Michael quickly grabs his snorkeling gear and jump into the water to asses the situation, he discovered that the whale was severely entangled in a fishing net used by local fishermen.

The trapped young female whale was close to death, the overwhelming size of this creature scared Michael because once the whale started panicking, it's movement can kill him, both whale's pectoral fins were pinned to the side of its body and the nylon gill net went all the way up the whale's back forward of the dorsal fin.

After more that an hour of exhausting effort Michael together with the group freed the young whale, and for the next hour the whale provided them with incredible all surface display, 40 breaches, tail and pectoral fin slaps, showing her pure joy and thanks.

Source: YouTube by Wake Up World

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