Monday, March 28, 2016

Killer Whale approaches boat to immitate motor sounds

Luca the young killer whale imitating boat sounds
Luca the young killer whale imitating boat sounds
This is Luna the killer whale a 5-year-old orca filmed in Canada doing an impression of a boat.

So why is a killer whale trying to converse with the boat?  Luna is a male orca that has become separated from his family, ordinarily orca live socially in their maternal family group and they communicate with each other making vocal clicks and whistles, so mimicking each other's incredibly important part of strengthening the bonds between them.

But Luna grew up hearing the sounds boats so Luna begins to associate those with the sound he should make and earned to imitate boats.

We are getting here is an incredible insight into how sociable orcas are and how they communicate and it gives us a real sense of their intelligence ordinarily this would be incredibly difficult to film.

Source: YouTube by YouthVocal

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