Saturday, March 26, 2016

Maine Mendoza shares her 21st birthday video celebration in Boracay with Alden Richards

Maine 21st Birthday at Boracay
Maine Mendoza was surprised upon seeing Alden Richards
Manila, Philippines, Maine Mendoza had a chance to relax and share her thoughts during this weeklong holiday, on her blog 'The pessimistic optimist Bella' her fans requested her to write about her Boracay birthday celebration.

She shares her sulking feelings for Alden Richards upon receiving the text message that he cannot join their Boracay trip, which were planned two weeks ahead of the trip, she reveals that her displeasure with someone could last for weeks, but with Alden it only lasted for six days.

But, Maine got the shock of her birthday life when she opens the door and it was her Ate Patchy and then Alden suddenly appeared, watch her eyes wide open and the only words coming to her mouth was 'OMG' then a moment of silent awe upon seeing Alden Richards.

After their breakfast they're ready to conquerer the day through their mini adventure activity on the island and also to have their private bonding moments, Alden can only stay up till early evening that day.

Here's Maine Mendoza's Boracay adventure video together with Alden Richards.

Source: Dailymotion by Koylix

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