Thursday, March 3, 2016

People Try Dinuguan For The First Time

Dinuguan a Filipino dish made of port meat
Dinuguan a Filipino dish made of port meat
BuzzFeed staff was challenged to eat a dish that they have never seen and tasted before, this dish is Dinuguan from Philippines, the dish is called in various names throughout the country's region and province.

People who is taking part of this food challenge was alarmed upon learning that the primary ingredients of this dish is pork blood, pork meat, entrails and internal organs of a pig.

The dish is similar to European-style blood sausage, British black pudding and Polish soup Czernina and even ancient Spartan dish know as melas zomos.

The conclusion of this food challenge? Majority of them like the rich taste and texture of this dish and they surely eat it again.

Source: YouTube uploaded by BuzzFeedVideo

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