Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Swedish man living at the Philippine International Airport

Tomas Anshelm a Swedish national living at Philippine International Airport

Tomas Anshelm a Swedish citizen vacationing in the Philippines is now living in the arrival area of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) for almost a week now, the reason behind it is that Mr. Anshelm lost his cash, travel baggage, including his passport and other important personal documents.

These items were lost in a taxi, after he went to the Swedish Embassy in Manila, and before that Tomas also lost 15,000 pesos to thieves in Boracay.

According to him, his country's embassy here can't issue him another passport because doesn't have any money to pay for it, since then Mr. Anshelm is living off the kindness of airport staff as he still stranded at the airport.

Despite all that had happened Mr. Anshelm has these words for Filipinos.  "It's amazing how helpful and generous and kind people are here. People I've known for five minutes ask me if I've had dinner,"

Source: YouTube uploded by GMA News and Public Affairs

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