Monday, March 21, 2016

Yaya Dub hit Jose Manalo in the head

Yaya Dub getting even with Jose Manalo
Yaya Dub getting even with Jose Manalo
Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving a subsegment of Juan for all, All for Juan, pre-AlDub (Alden Richards and Yaya Dub), Kalye Serye, during that time Jose Manalo is the mortal enemy of Lola Nidora and Yaya Dub.

The show's character's Lola NIdora and Yaya Dub dislikes Jose Manalo because of his constant teasing on them.

But, fianlly Yaya Dub had an opportunity to get even with wise guy Jose Manalo, the opening billboard of "May nang-tweet" in which Yaya Dub is carrying the placards and she use it to hit Jose in the head.

Of course all of these are just for show and comedic act to entertain television viewers.

Source: YouTube by Juan Funny Show

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