Saturday, April 23, 2016

A normal working day for this waitress, until a Hidden camera captured this

Chelsea Roff doing her waitressing duty
Chelsea Roff doing her waitressing duty
People from Break YouTube channel who play pranks on people thought they'd switch things up by giving a positive prank to unexpected people who needs some deserving acts of goodness.

Now they've chosen Chelsea Roff, who works as a waitress at Spring Street Smokehouse.  Chelsea, who struggling financially, raises her little sister when she was just a little girl, Chelsea, who suffered from a severe eating disorder, but overcomes it through Yoga and she's now helping other people recover from eating disorders through her non-profit Yoga school.

Today, Chelsea will encounter the best tippers of her entire life, first she receives a one thousand dollar tip from a guy who ordered take out, instead of owning it to herself, but her first impulse is to split it with everybody.

After that, from another table a couple who dine and had no more money for her service tip gave Chelsea a travel voucher trip to Hawaii for two people, she can't believe what just happened and told the couple that their bill is only 30 dollars.

The next her dream job from Dr. Susan Krevoy who runs a non-profit eating disorder program for 14 years and wants to include Yoga class as part of rehabilitation program and Chelsea will lead that part of the program.

And finally a woman who gave a car key as a tip and Chelsea thought that this woman mistakenly gave her car key, but the woman insist that's her car key and she lead her outside to see her new car driven by her best friend Diana Roehl her first Yoga teacher.

Source: YouTube by Break

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