Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bureau of Customs employee's union is against CCTV's on Payment and Transaction Area

State of the Nation anchored by Jessica Soho
State of the Nation anchored by Jessica Soho
Philippine Bureau Customs Commissioner Aberto Lina bowed to cleanup this government department from corruption and red tape as he accepted his appointment last year, a former businessman now serving his country the best he can.

This week he ordered additional CCTV camera to be installed in the Bureau's transaction area and payment window, however the employee's union lead by Mr. Rommel Francisco is questioning its legality through legal action and they will protest against it, calling it a violation of their human rights.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Lina was surprised upon hearing the reactions of Bureau's employee union, he said they should not be afraid or worried about the CCTV if there's nothing illegal in their work activity.

The Commissioner and Employees union agreed on one of the solutions to free the Bureau of corruption is raise the employees' salaries.

The last comment in this report is quite disturbing, is the employee's union president indirectly admitting employees wrong doings?

Source: YouTube by GMA News and Public Affairs

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