Monday, April 25, 2016

Only The Most Perceptive People Can See The Correct Image. Click to SEE if you're one of them

Cowboy hat optical illusion
Cowboy hat optical illusion
An optical illusion that sent social media into a confusion and thousand struggling to see the real image.

Savannah Root, who shared this black and white image on Facebook last April 13, 2016, now it has 36,000 likes and 7,634 shares and 17,916 comments as of this writing.

People have been trying so desperately to guess what the image is and numerous guesses have been made.

How about you, can you see the real image? If you find it very hard see the real image, click the image below to get some helpful clue.

According to the Research from the University College of London suggests the way you react to an optical illusion depends on the size of your visual cortex – which can also determine how introspective you are.

Dr D Samuel Schwarzkopf explains: “Our work is the first to show that the size of a part of a person’s brain can predict how they perceive their visual environment.”

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