Thursday, May 12, 2016

A ton of thought and mathematics to tune this amazing gravity xylophone

Created by Morihiro Harano in Japan this woodland xylophone place by itself but how? the biggest constant they have working with this dial phone it's going to the forest is basically gravity they have this ball and they know the ball gonna roll downhill and what they doing is using the force of this ball and as it drops on each key or each step its gonna play a tone, as long as that slope is at a good angle it'll continue to play.

So how does one tiny ball make such beautiful music? to change the tempo what you would do is change in slope of the angle, the faster the song the higher the angle incline and the slower the song the less steep incline.

So want to get the tempo right which they do by using gravity now all they have to do is create different notes which they do by changing the shape, so that when the ball hits the step then that wood will vibrate at a different frequency, thus creating a different pitches, they kept the width and the depth very consistent just change the length in order to tune in each key.

There's actually a ton of thought and a ton mathematics and its gone into it to actually tune it just right, it really beautiful.

Source: YouTube by Lekoi

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