Thursday, May 5, 2016

Maine Mendoza talks about uncovering your romantic feelings to your friend

Maine Mendoza
Maine Mendoza
Maine Mendoza, live video was a big hit with her fans, especially her giving them advice, this started when a fan wrote her a letter asking for guidance, direction and advice.

Maine who celebrated her 10th month on Eat Bulaga yesterday, thanking her fans for their unwavering support and love.

Yesterday they got another letter from a girl fan named Mariel Fem, who is struggling emotionally, it's about her special feelings for her best friend that is going beyond friendship.

Mariel is afraid to confess her real feelings towards this guy, fearing that her love will not be reciprocated or worst it may result in friendship over between them.

Maine Mendoza, who hesitates for a while on giving her advice, but finally had the courage to let her mind speak about Mariel's dilemma, she points out that Mariel should define exactly what her feelings really is, is this romantic, friendship, brotherly love?

Maine assumed that Mariel's situation is about romantic love for her friend.  Maine's personal opinion is "it is ok for her to confess what she really fells about someone" or she's not afraid to reveal her real feelings to a guy.

Maine question for Mariel is are you afraid because you'll be the first to expose your feelings or because is not appropriate for a girl to reveal her true feelings to a guy?

Maine adviced her to be prepared on whatever reaction that she will received from that guy it may be positve or worst negative, but whatever it is be prepared emotionally and hope for the best, she also added "Love and give without expectations of any reciprocations."

Source: YouTube by Lekoi

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