Saturday, June 4, 2016

A 4-year-old who needs 'Help' dials 911. The emergency? So ADORABLE!

A 4-year-old who dials 911
A 4-year-old who dials 911
A 4-year-old boy felt he's in trouble, he is having a difficult time solving his math homework particularly subtraction or take away.

This boy did what he was taught to do in case of emergency call 911, his call was taken by a man who at first thought his problem is about his mouth, but then the operator understood his real situation.

The boy's call doesn't count as an emergency call and can be disregarded immediately, but this emergency operator was kind and caring enough to talk to this adorable boy.

The boy's mother notices his child was talking to someone over the phone and was hysterical when she learned about the emergency call.

Source: YouTube by World Inspirational

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