Thursday, June 23, 2016

He saw a terrified deer 9 kilometers from shore. Now WATCH what he does when they reach land

Deer rescued after it was found swimming in Long Island Sound
Deer rescued after it was found swimming in Long Island Sound
An amazing story from Long Island Sound this weekend the group of fishermen couldn't believe what they found six miles offshore a deer fighting to stay afloat tonight he's back on dry land thanks to a rescue mission that was anything but ordinary.

It was unbelievable, Saturday afternoon Rob Kurdy and his buddies were coming back from shark fishing when they spotted something six miles offshore.

They went to check it out and it didn't look like the six-point buck was going to be able to tread the 58 degree water much longer, 

Kurds said “He’s shivering it's barely staying afloat its kind of is going in circles” so they decided to save him “alright buddy, he actually got a piece of rope it was able to stick the rope around the antlers real gently in corral the deer towards the boat we use one of the boats leads to tie it to and make sure that he was comfortable and we weren't pulling on too hard.”

They made the six mile trip to shore and a Madison beach they weren't sure how close they could get the boat to shore and the buck couldn't swim another stroke so Kurdy, put on a life jacket jumped in and pulled the deer to shore himself.

Kurdy said “That the life and I'm not going to let him drown you know he was out in the middle of nowhere kind of shivering and freezing so we all kind of just said we can't let it drown this is the right thing to do.”

The neighbors brought some blankets it took about three hours but the buck finally warmed up enough to walk off on its own and this is one fishing story where they couldn't be more thrilled about the big one getting away.

Source: YouTube by CatalixTV

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