Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bigla siyang nakarinig sigaw ng balyena at sinundan nya ito, at watch nyo po ang kanilang ginawa

Orca Whale Rescue
Orca Whale Rescue 
Hours from anywhere on a remote stretch of British Columbia's coast, a young orca was left grounded on the shore when the tide went out heartbreakingly helpless.

The killer whales were on the hunt for seals when one of them made a notable disaster choice a young female ended up stuck on rocks stranded; Deeply stressed the mammal begins to cry.

George Fisher a resident of Hartley Bay, radio a passing sailboat and gave the location of the whale who was slowly drying out quickly.

The rescuers put wet blankets to protect the whale from the sun, and they also poured seawater on her and kept her calm and wait for the next high tide cycle and that was 8 hours until the water rose again, and finally, the whale swims back to the ocean.

Source: YouTube by Shatner Method

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