Friday, June 24, 2016

Huge spider catches a poisonous snake, liquefies it, then SIPS it!

spider eat snakes
Spider eat snakes
Another reason to be terrified in Australia, the giant Redback spider, who catches poisonous snakes regularly in outdoor and even inside a residential house.

This is what happened to Paul and Bernadett Gibbs of Morpeth in the NSW Hunter Valley, when they often find dead black and brown snakes around their property due to their property's proximity near Hunter River.

But now they got the shock of their life when they saw this!
image source: DailyMail Australia
Inside their garage, a large victorious Redback spider with a poisonous eastern brown snake hanging in her web. Now this is the 'most Australian thing ever'.

Well, the Gibbs are not alone in this experience, now a woman from  Kalgoorlie filmed another snake battling with a giant spider in her garage.

Source: YouTube by mosa asus

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