Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Cruelty of Bear Bile Farming

 Inhumane bear bile industry
Inhumane bear bile industry
Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that Bear Bile, the fluid produced by the liver that is stored in the gallbladder contains medicinal properties that can cure diseases.

The bear bile extraction procedure is intolerably cruel and inhumane ways through surgery that leave a permanent fistula or a catheter that directly drains the bile from the bear's gallbladder.  The bears face this cruelty throughout their lives, that can mean up to 20 years, unless the bears die due to infection, tumors or self-inflicted wounds.

Bear were placed in a very small cage
Man preparing a permanent catheter that drains the bile from the bear's gallbladder
The bear are placed in this small cage for the rest of their lives
The bear bile industry is completely unnecessary, because plenty of inexpensive synthetic and herbal alternatives to bear bile are readily available.

Source: YouTube by Earth Touch

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