Thursday, June 23, 2016

This Boy went to this Sick Girl seat. Now WATCH what he has in his hands — KINDNESS!

Boy gives hockey stick to cancer-fighting Winnipeg girl
Boy gives hockey stick to cancer-fighting Winnipeg girl
Two families in Winnipeg brought together by a moment of kindness, it all started last week was seven-year-old Alyx Delaloye who has leukemia, she caught the attention of the Winnipeg Jets with this poster chemo by day Jets by night, the team invited her back on Sunday that's when this happens.

Alyx went to check out a signed hockey stick a young boy had won several rows down, but the boy nine-year-old Keaton Hamin followed her back and gave her the stick.

Keaton said, “Really my instinct know that I have to give it to Alyx, I felt that for her and that she had cancer and I wanted to give her a little support.”

Of course, she thanked him back right away tonight as they were united to go to another Jets game together Keaton was given another stick as thanks for his generosity.

What a heart this boy has a model to all of us.

Source: YouTube by The National

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