Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Giant tanker ship didn't see this stalled motor boat. Heart stopping moment!

Tanker Near Miss Pleasure Boat
Tanker Near Miss Pleasure Boat
A little motor boat stalled in the middle of an ocean and they dropped anchor to keep them from drifting while they attempt to fix their boat problem.

However, a giant oil tanker doesn't see this small boat and they're heading towards the position of the small boat, it is well known facts that these big ships are not quick to maneuver and it's the smaller vessel responsibility to get out of its way.

Luckily, a slightly larger pleasure boat noticed the disaster about to happen and they immediately took action.  They raced directly toward the tanker and signaling the tanker  through their on-board PA system.

It was a narrow escape for this small boat and maybe also to the boat who rescued them.

Source: YouTube by Dylan Marshall

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