Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Woman dragged off by a tiger in open animal safari park, after exiting the car in a family argument

Woman dragged by a tiger in Beijing
Woman dragged by a tiger in Beijing
One woman was killed and another was severely injured after a pair of tigers dragged one woman away from her car after she alight from their family car while she was in an argument with her husband.

The woman's mother and her husband also exited the vehicle in an effort to rescue her from the tigers.  The mother died while trying to save her daughter, the attack was so cruel that she didn't survive.

This gruesome incident was captured on a surveillance video showing the woman being dragged by the tiger.

The animal park in Beijing allows visitors to drive their own cars in an open safari-style tour, but they are not allowed to get out of their vehicles as wild animals roam freely through the park.

The park has been closed for the time being. But the weekend attack wasn’t the first. In August 2014, a security guard was killed in a tiger attack at the same park.

Source: YouTube by CCTV News

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