Friday, July 22, 2016

Injured wild bear without a right paw forced to walk

Injured wild bear without right paw walking
Injured wild bear without right paw walking
A wild bear was caught on camera walking like a human on the Wold Woodland trail near the golf course in Oak Ridge, New Jersey.

It was kind of amazing when you see a wild bear doing this in the woods, but upon closer look at this video we can understand the reason why this poor bear is walking this way.

A YouTube user commented that "I'm no expert, but I'd say that the bear has injured one or both of its front paws. It looks in quite a lot of distress and possibly in need of medical attention. Perhaps you could phone an animal response team if you encounter the bear again so it can get the help it might need."

One comment has a different view "I think he was born missing a paw and since he doesn't walk on his other ''arm'' it became weaker and floppy. In other video you can see he uses it. He could also have fallen on it while walking upright, broke it and it never healed correctly, but it seems like it works decently if it was broken before."

Source: YouTube by NJ.Com

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