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Shocking drug abuse transformations

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Shocking drug abuse transformations, Amy Thompson it is a jarring contrast to see pictures of Scottish teenager Amy Thompson before and after that fateful June 9th when she could bring damage upon taking an ecstasy pill, beforehand to glamorize 16 year old looked flashy well-dressed and well-liked your typical fashion oriented teenager, now a video recently posted to Facebook shows a wheelchair bound in pallid looking Amy unable to move her arms will heavily slurring her speech she was reportedly admitted to a Glasgow hospital after taking a crystal capsule of MDMA a house party at which time she was put into a medically induced coma for several weeks.

Adoro this rapid five-year regression of a Dora age 48 to 53 demonstrate the impact of what is known as meth mouth here the meth addiction has brought on a dramatic level of decay and grinding leading to a rather grotesque lost of teeth and a woman who appears to be aged far more than just five years the galling effects of the drugs have also taken their toll on her unkept greasy hair or stained ashen skin and through the bruising scratch marks and skin damage that can be seen all across the left side of her face and along her forehead.

Female 25 the presence of a hideous widespread rash of red bumps across this woman's face points to what is likely an addiction to an opiate like oxycontin or heroin while she otherwise looks for the most part like a normal twenty-something female the red bombs highlight the multifaceted effects the drug can have if you can look past her irritated skin you'll notice that her previously full flushing face has grown gaunt and narrow, her stringly, greasy hair also suggests a lack of proper emphasis on normal hygiene.

Male 25 given the reddened slash-and-burn like skin tone of this meth addict it seems reasonable to assume that drug abuse has left its mark with sores and scarring it is common for meth users to hallucinate while on the drug with a sensory feeling of bugs under the standing particularly typical perhaps then this young man occurred abroad on self mutilation by this obsessive scratching while on meth, meth mouth now is also clearly visible here with swelling and redness circling his mouth and his teeth become increasingly yellow.

Source: YouTube by TheRiches

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