Saturday, July 9, 2016

They saw this strange looking snake, Then they realized Why...

African Rock Python Swallows Young Impala
African Rock Python Swallows Young Impala
A herd of Impalas was on alert when an African rock python catches a young impala and this caught the attention of wildlife photographer and safari guide Michelle Sole they came across this very rare sight, the African rock python will have its meal.

The helpless mother of this young impala could do nothing as she watched her young being devoured.

This African rock python can grow up to 7 meters and can weigh up to 90 kilograms, it is an African's largest snake and Michelle Sole estimated that this specimen is about 4 meters long.

Rock pythons aren’t venomous – they constrict their prey to kill it and once dead they swallow their prey whole.  They can swallow prey up to 3 times wider than its own head.  Elastic ligaments allow the jaws to stretch apart and the two sides of the lower jaw are not joined to each other. If it needs to, it’s able to divide its upper jaws as well, giving its head four sections that can move independently.

The acid in the python’s stomach will break everything down, including hooves and horns, and digestion of such a big meal may take weeks, during which the snake will be more vulnerable to predators. But after such a meal this snake might not need to feed again for up to a year.

Source: YouTube by Barcroft TV

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