Friday, July 8, 2016

TOUCHING: Heartbroken donkeys mourns for their friend. Watch how the herd reacts

Donkeys mourns
Donkeys mourns
Traditional scientific view avoids anthropomorphizing animals, attributing human qualities and feelings to animal behavior while studying them in the field for the reason that it can skew the perception of what the animal behavior really means.

But, after hearing thousands of stories of animal mourning, scientists in animal behavior findings shows that animals have the capacity not just an emotion but also for love and grief.

In this video we can see the herd of donkey reacts when one of their own dies.  Before the farm owner's can remove the donkey's body, one of the donkeys nudges the dead body, while the other one bites his body that seems telling to get up.

The donkeys joint together in a painful wail that cannot be mistaken for anything but mourning.  A powerful reminder that animals do have feelings.

Source: YouTube by Stichting de Ezelshoeve

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