Wednesday, July 6, 2016

WHAT?! Liquid Nitrogen cold smoke inflated this 6ft balloon. Wow!

This giant balloon is filled with Liquid Nitrogen smoke
This giant balloon is filled with Liquid Nitrogen smoke
In this crazy experiment Grant Thompson will inflate a giant six foot balloon using Liquid Nitrogen cold smoke.

First attempt, he poured the liquid nitrogen into a Coleman water jug, then he put a zip tie around the neck of the balloon, then he stretches the balloon over the thermos and turn it upside down to fill the balloon with liquid nitrogen.

The balloon started to inflate, but it suddenly burst, the frozen neck and bottom of the balloon makes it crispy cold and brittle.

Several attempts and experiments didn't make the balloon bigger and in one instance of the experiment Grant's eye was hit by an exploding rubber balloon.

Now, in a successful attempt they put a duct tape over the zip tie so that no sharp edge touches the balloon that makes it go off and they put the balloon off the grass onto a trampoline because there's a lot less chance the trampoline is going to accidentally puncture it like the grass did.

Source: YouTube by Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"

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