Thursday, August 25, 2016

9 Na nakakamamatay na insekto sa buong mundo

Bot Fly Human infestation
Bot Fly Human infestation
Here are the nine deadliest insects on Earth.  Number nine is the bullet and infesting the rainforests of South America is the largest of all species of ants the bullet and up to an inch long these bugs got their name because the pain of the bite supposedly hurts about as badly as being shot by a gun bullet ants are one of the only three species in the world the other two are both types of wasps to score and maximum rating on the schmidts thing pain index a system designed to categorize different types of things according to how painful they are what makes things worse is that these and typically attack with no warning by falling out of a tree onto their prey even was that, that is that they emit a really frightening shriek as they do so yes these and literally howl their own personal battle cry.

Number eight is the bot fly, bot fly flies affect hundreds of different species of mammals basically they are internal parasites that survived by borrowing into their hosts and feasting off their flesh no matter what type of animal they infect the result is a big fat half inch long maggot like creature embedded into living tissue they infect humans by laying their eggs on mosquitos, horse lies or other carriers likely to come in contact with people when this contact occurs the eggs rub off onto the person's skin and are incubated by their natural body heat once hatched they borrow into your skin and begin feeding bot flies have ended up inside people's tear ducts ear canals and even directly in their brains and to make things even creepier patients report they're able to feel the movement of the bot fly larvae beneath their skin.

Taking the seventh spot is the Japanese Asian giant Hornet while only responsible for a mere 50 deaths per year a poultry body count compared to some of our champions this insect is definitely one of the deadliest on earth growing up to 3 inches long about the size of your thumb this wasps boasts an incredible flesh-eating toxin containing no less than eight individual poisons it aims this toxin and the eyes of its target and the like all wasps can sing as many times as it cares to two dozen of these warriors can easy sly an entire hive of honey bees that's 20 wasps vs twenty to thirty thousand bees and the wasps win every time as if all this wasn't enough this breed of wasps is really attracted to chemicals present in human sweat and don't think you can outrun them either they fly more than 50 miles per day as top speed without tiring.

Stepping in at number six is The Driver Ant, there is nothing inherently terrifying about the driver ant, it is a huge it doesn't have many mandibles half the size of its body and the only poison it has is mild formic acid used to gradually dissolved organic material so what makes these and so scary well it's the fact that their colonies are monstrously huge over 20 million strong or more stretching for miles and miles driver ant colonies are so big that small children and elderly are risk of being literally asphyxiated to death by the swarm driver ant colonies are so big that they can completely strip every scrap of organic material from the body of an adult human in less than four hours even elephants run away from these deadly insects if caught in their path thousands of animals fall victim to these bugs each time a swarm of driver ants leaves its nest.

Source: YouTube by Epic Wildlife

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