Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Dutch man waits 10 days in a Chinese airport for his online ' girlfriend' to arrive. Crazy Love or Just Crazy?

Alexander Pieter Cirk who waited 10days in the airport for his girlfriend
Alexander Pieter Cirk who waited 10days in the airport for his girlfriend
Talk about love at first sight or in this case a dating website; A Dutchman named Alexander Pieter Cirk flew to China and waited at the airport for ten days for Chinese woman he met online only for her never to show up this poor guy even had to be hospitalized for exhaustion after this whole ordeal.

Alexander Cirk who's 41 met a 26-year-old Chinese woman online nearly two months ago on Tinder, recently Cirk flew from Holland to a Chinese international airport to surprise his dearly beloved.

According to the local Chinese news Cirk told reporters that he applied for a visa and booked a ticket to China because he just couldn't stand the distance and being apart from his one true love, CCTV news reported that once he arrived at the airport his love interest was nowhere to be found, this dedicated man decided to wait at the terminal until she came only for her never to show up he remained for 10 days at the airport until he had to be hospitalized for exhaustion his online girlfriend whose name is Zhang contacted the TV news after hearing about him on the news.

Zhang explained that she had not expected Cirk to arrive, she also added to choose unable to meet Cirk at the airport because she's out of town for cosmetic surgery in the Henan and province of China she told reporters that she is still planning to continue your online relationship with Cirk once they get back in touch.

Meanwhile, Cirk has caught a flight back home to Holland after his heart broken visit, here's hoping that these two will somehow work it out and maybe next time this is Cirk guy will give this girl more notice.

Source: YouTube by InformOverload

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