Monday, September 12, 2016

Fish cleans scuba diver's teeth

When Your Dentist Is a Fish
When Your Dentist Is a Fish
What do you do when you're underwater and you want to freshen up your mouth? Dive master Michael Milner at the bottom of the red sea in Egypt his mouth open and two Bluestreak cleaner wrasse immediately operates their thing.

This fish is like the cleaning stations on coral-reef they eat dead scales and skin, mucus and parasite off from other fishes they're called "obligate cleaners" this is how they get their food, actual their entire source of food.

Bluestreak cleaner wrasse can eat 1,200 parasite a day, it is mutually beneficial for them and to other fishes, they eat and the other fish is free from parasites.

Now, dive master Michael Milner is not a fish, so why are these wrasse doing a mouth maintenance on him? Michael may have attracted the services of these cleaner fish because he had recently eaten a meal and clearly, he didn't brush and the fish were attracted to the smell coming from this mouth.

Source: YouTube by Science Channel

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