Thursday, September 29, 2016

OMG! Piranha Scissors

Piranha Scissors
Piranha Scissors
This video clip is something you should never try at home or on a trip down the Amazon River, you're looking at the genuine piranha scissors.

This is all the piranha can do at this point, it's out of the water, it's being held very firmly so the one thing he can still do is open and close that powerful jaw.

So what's behind these destructive dentures? The reason this piranha looks like a pair of scissors is because of a very powerful route like tendon that attaches to his bottom jaw and they can bite at a force of 30 times their body weight which is higher than any other animal even animals like alligators.

This is a great evolutionary adaptation it can cut through all kinds of things not just flesh, but bone you get to a time when the piranha is really hungry doesn't have a lot of food to eat it needs to be able to take maximal nutritional advantage of any animal that wanders into the river.

If a piranha bite off your finger? That happens once and you don't make that mistake again.

Source: YouTube by Science Channel

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