Friday, September 23, 2016

This "yuppie" jerk learned a lesson that he will never forget from Grandma

A group of young man who are doing their skateboard tricks and capturing it on video, witness and captured an incident between an elderly woman who about to cross a street but fell into a sudden nap as most of them do.

Also on the street a young professional who's driving his fancy Mercedez car blows a big, loud horn to poor old grandma who suddenly woke up from her quick nap standing up.

Now, the old lady does not play around and she's not going to let that jerk get away with his very rude behavior, she slams her heavy and old handbag into the car's front bumper, that activated the car's airbag in the man's face while wearing his dark sunglasses.

It's that instant karma or what?

Source: YouTube by EndlessSummer93

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