Thursday, October 27, 2016

Extraordinary animal "Magic Rabbit" seen for the first time after 20 years. So Adorable!

The elusive Lli Pika
The elusive Lli Pika
For more than 20 years the Lli Pika the Ochotona Iliensis a type of tiny Mountain dwelling mammal with a teddy bear face had eluded scientists in the Xingiang Mountains of northwestern China people have seen the furry critter only a handful of times since it was discovered by accident in 1983 in fact people have spotted only 29 live individuals and little is known about the animals it's ecology and behavior.

Then in summer 2014 researchers rediscovered the Pika by Li Weidong, the species original Discoverer and a scientist of Xinjiang Institute for Ecology and Geography had gathered a group of volunteers in the Xingiang Mountains for some Pika searching at noon Monday as they were setting up camera traps the team spotted their prize a curious Pika emerged from a gap in the clear face and Lee snapped a few photos they found it hiding behind a rock and they realized they had found a Pika they were very excited said Tatsuya Shin a naturalist in China who works with the Pika discovers.

Source: YouTube by The Cosmos News

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