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10 Most Disturbing Pictures That Shook The World

Rhoda Derry
Rhoda Derry
The pictures documented here go beyond the norm by revealing the twisted and sometimes shocking culture of the human race. These photos encapsulate the disturbing mood, revealing tone and sometimes confusing values of yesteryear.

Rhoda Derry story is almost too sad and horrific to be true she was a real person born to a well-heeled farming family and in her teen years dated a boy from a neighboring farm his family disapproved of the pairing so the boy's mother threatened to curse Rhoda with witchcraft if she pursued her son the threat was traumatic enough that precipitated a mental breakdown and she became convinced that she was being tormented by a spirit named old scratch she ended up at the Adams County poorhouse a terrible place where she stayed for 40 years at first she lived in a straw lined basket and received little care from personnel she would sit with her knees clutch to her body for so long that she lost the ability to move her legs she was later moved into a wooden box that she shared with Nesting Burman she scratched her own eyes until she blinded herself and punched her own teeth out of her mouth she eventually stopped speaking.

Thammasat University Massacre this photo taken by Neil Levitch in 1976 shows a member of a Thai political faction striking the lifeless body of a hang student outside the Hamasaki University in Bangkok the picture won the pulitzer prize in 1977 the Thammasat University Massacre took place on October sixth, nineteen seventy-six it was a very violent attack on students and protesters who were demonstrating against Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn a former military ruler FM Thanom Kittikachornwas planning to come back to Thailand the return of the military dictator from exile provoked very violent protests protesters and students were beaten mutilated shot hung and burned to death.

The Abu Ghraib Prison in 2004 graphic pictures of prisoners being abused by US military personnel in Iraq Abu Ghraib prison were given to journalist Seymour Hersh and the CBS news TV show 60 minutes to and then made public amongst photographs of prisoners of war being tortured in compromising positions one shows naked Iraqi detainees piled on top of each other with us security personnel showing thumbs up signs in the background they even went so far as to take a photo next to a dead prisoner while smiling one of the most sickening snaps depicts a hooded prisoner standing on a box with wires attached to his hands he was only given to believe that if you fell off the box he would be electrocuted and also the most disturbing one is the image that showed a detainee being led on a dog leash others handed to military investigators showed naked Iraqis forced to simulate sex acts a detainee with wires attached to his genitals and a prisoner attacked by a dog 11 low-ranking soldiers of the 370 second military police company were convicted in military trials of crimes related to the humiliation and abuse of the prisoners notably private Lindy England and specialist Charles Greener junior soldiers who were in the leaked photos were sentenced to three and ten years in prison with a demotion.

Source: YouTube by Lutch Green

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